Recorded at Studio Fiona, Fermoy (Ireland)
under the guidance of Brian O’ Reilly
Vocals/1st guitar/lyrics: Ed Schmidt
Backing vocals/lungs/second guitar: Fintan O’ Meara


I fear large crowds,
but more so, pretty girls.
I don’t know why that is,
and who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf.
Now Honey’s a petite blond,
and they tell me she’s rather plain.
Venya don’t look at all like that,
but she plays the parts just the same.
And Venya from Venice,
She plays her parts so well.
I sometimes wish I was an actor,
so I could play a leading role,
with her.
Venya from Venice,
and she’s as beautiful as Venice.
Now I was not born, to be an actor.
That was not my God’s intent.
Had some will inscribed upon my conscience,
and it’s my duty to carry that out.
Me, I chose to grow through music,
I feel that’s what I do well.
Put some thoughts down to paper,
sing them out loudly, proudly, through this world.
Like I’m singing for Venya,
Venya from Venice,
Venya from Venice.
Look out for Venya from Venice