1. Freedom

From the recordings Upping the Ante and Upping the Ante 2013

Recorded at La Baia dei Porci, Nereto (Italy)
Under the caring hands of Stefano Lelii
Vocals / 1st guitar / lyrics / arrangement / Ed Schmidt
Electric guitar /Joshua Schmidt
Second guitar / Jon Hicks
Backing vocals / Bella Nugent, Debbie Wright


Freedom calls
“freedom calls” she said.
The dice got thrown
you hadn’t even known,
you were in the game.
No turning back ,
choice is made.
Raise the stakes,
now let us play.
Cost it - what it will.
Freedom comes
“freedom comes” she said.
Did not choose my pains,
nor loss nor gains,
they were forced on me.
My turn now,
call the shots.
Break it down,
now I’m in charge.
Cost it - what it will.
Freedom costs,
“freedom costs” she said.
You choose your road,
you pay your toll,
expensive as it seems.
No looking back,
lost and found.
Let my opponents know
i’ve won this round.
Costed - what it did.